how to Ask I-Ching

Just click/tap to get the I-Ching messages you need right now.

Ask serious questions and get answers as if you were actually doing divination.

Depending on the answer you are looking for, try to come up with a clearer way to ask the question.


Divination about future prospects.

◆ Result 1 (hexagram)

It gives you a big picture perspective and the necessary mindset. What kind of path and what point are you currently on? Will the path ahead pass or be blocked?

If you click/tap "further divination about now in it", the next result 2 will be displayed.

◆ Result 2 (line number)

You can further check what the current situation is in the big picture of result 1. Current attitude, situation, things to be careful about, etc.

Result 2 within Result 1, so no matter what the content of 2 is, the content of 1 is alive and undeniable.
For 2, please take it as a note of caution at the moment in the flow of 1, such as "After reviewing your current attitude in 2, make 1 your future policy."

* If you click the blue hexagram name, the message of result 1 will be displayed together.

The questions can be broad themes such as “love” and “work”, detailed matters and options such as specific relationships and situations, or “messages you need right now”.
It's also a good idea to see your luck for each period, such as "this month" or "this year."

what to receive

For checking your current situation or when you want some words for yourself.

Questions can be about things that bother you, or even if you don't have a specific set, "messages I need right now" or "myself today".

Try asking various questions in a way that is easy for you to use, such as "What about me now?"

problem solving

Try it when you have a problem that you want to do something about, something you need to do about it, or something you're really worried about.

You can get messages telling you if your policy is right, if it can be resolved, when it's time, etc.

It may contain harsh messages, so it may be best not to use it when you want comfort.

When you are really wondering what to do, ask what to do about it.

Sometimes it is effective to ask, "Please tell me about the current problem I need to solve," without specifying the problem in particular.

should or not

Divination about whether you should do so or not.

Ask specific questions, such as "should I do this?", "should I not do this?", "should I make this decision?"

You will get a brief yes/no/other message about your question.

When you can't decide, when you want to be urged, etc.

relationship with one

Divination about your relationship with a particular person.

The current state and outlook of the relationship, their feelings and attitudes, how to treat them, etc.

It can be used for romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships, work relationships, or any other relationship.

Questions can be vague about "the relationship with A," or they can be about a specific matter in the relationship.

It is also possible to ask separate questions such as "current situation", "future", "how to interact with them".

Ask what you want to know about your relationship with them.

※See here for the basic knowledge of I-Ching.